About PII

Physicalinternetinitiative.org is a blog site dedicated to making data science more accessible for anyone interested in the field. We believe that big data will support scientific discovery, aid governments, scale businesses, and generally improve the quality of our lives in the future. Advancements in computing power, machine learning, and artificial intelligence have created mountains of useful information. The jobs and the opportunities of the future will belong to the people that can manage, interpret, and use that data to identify trends and patterns. Right now data science is still in its early stages of emergence.

Many different companies are seeking data-savvy employees. Schools, colleges, and graduate programs online and around the world are starting new data science and business analytics programs and trying to fill them with qualified students. At P.I.I. we know that people looking to prepare for the future or pivot their career are looking for sources of good information.

That’s where we hope P.I.I. fits in. We want to provide students and anyone interested in the field with accurate and information about data science, business analytics and intelligence, and associated fields all while making it accessible for someone who is just hearing the term data science for the first time.